Debt collection

GCS Poland, as a debt collection company relies on close cooperation not only with our clients, but also with debtors. Our main objective during the recovery process is to conduct an effective procedure for pre-trial stage, which is why we focus on direct contact with the debtor and professional negotiations. Thanks to that our clients can recover the money and keep positive relationships with their customers. Undertaking an action we always take into a consideration the specificity of a case. We develop an individual schedule of activities in relation to the debtor at any stage of the proceedings. Number of telephone contacts, sent letters, visits, whether the decision to refer the matter to judicial proceedings must have, in our opinion, a business justification. We make every effort to ensure that the debt had been settled in this initial stage, without having to engage in litigation. Very few cases go beyond this stage because, in the negotiations, both domestically and abroad, we take into account local laws and customs.

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