Policy of confidentiality
Company supports a strict privacy and confidentiality policy in relation to information received by company from the site user.

General statements:
1. This site is a property of Global Credit Solutions, and is administered by the company.
2. All information on the site is the property of company. Any use of such information must be accompanied by reference to the company.
3. This site does not support adware and scumware.

Guarantees of confidentiality
1. Company guarantees confidentiality of private, commercial and business information to users of site.
2. The company saves personal information received from users with the purpose of operative and high-quality provision of services only. The company can contact user for clarification of the information received or discussion of services user expressed the interest in.
3. Global Credit Solutions guarantees that contact information of users will be neither divulged nor passed to third persons.
4. These provisions is not applicable for depersonalized statistical information which is used for analytics.

Use of information:
1. Information, saveable on a site, is used exceptionally inside of the company Global Credit Solutions.
2. In any case the company keeps in secret personal information and passes it only to those employees who need it to serve the client and in interest of client.
3. Global Credit Solutions does not carry responsibility for a disclosure, if law, decision or determination of court or other competent authority requires disclosure of such information. In such cases Global Credit Solutions Ukraine will take all measures to keep in secret maximally possible volume of information to minimize the losses of client from such disclosure.
4. In any case Global Credit Solutions does not guarantee quality of services, precise price quote if user provided unreliable or untruthful information.

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